on Jul 16, 2016
After a long long and Long time visited a place.

Calm Place. Morning well spent. Some clicks

A Video of Clouds moving around.

That's all...!!
on Jan 17, 2015
So my UPS has a power button, which has a white LED indicating it's ON...!! Nice feature ain't it? Similarly my PC has a White LED on Power Button..! Looks pretty cool.

But have you ever thought about Kids + LED's on power button :)

Imagine your curious kid amazed by the glowing white light comes and tries to explore the button more, You suddenly realize that LED's on the power button creates more troubles for you :)

So that Mosquito Repellent Liquid and it's LED is a worry now, For that matter anything which comes with a LED worry's you.

So your washing machine has a child lock feature, So your kid can't change any settings. Turn on the Child lock and Yes There it is another LED turned on telling you Child lock is ON and the color is RED..! Kids are just fascinated by RED...!! Now he goes and presses a button and that red LED Blinks..!!?? Telling kid that child lock is on?? For a kid it's amazing...!! He presses the button again to see the LED blink... :D

So any such experiences with LED's?? :D

on Jan 20, 2014
Last month was a nightmare traveling on the Shiradi Ghats. Here is the latest news from my recent trip.

The Ghat roads are all patched up. You can drive on it, If you are traveling by bus then you can sleep peacefully.

So enjoy the ghat sections till next May, Looking at the 5 Cr Patchworks, the quality seems a very low plus + this will give up during next rainy season. Hope for the best and enjoy the ride/drive.
on Dec 27, 2013
So, Here is the next part of the Pictures. There is NO road in some parts.
You drive on whatever side you want to and whatever surface is left.


More potholes
No Road Sections

Con-gress Section?

B-J-P Section?
J-DS Section?

Rajiv Pothole?
Indira Lorry Breaker?

More potholes?
Lalu Rubble strip

He was trying to find road
And some more road

There were some Pieces
Then there were Potholes

Oscar Pothole Section

He braked and Stopped

Oh!! Moily Cliff !!!
Another shot of Moily Cliff...!!

Are you bored yet? 
Still There?

Yeah Baby Yeah..!!
What? I thought this was a NH...!!

1st Gear 2nd Gear

1st Gear 2nd Gear
Check the Height

Now Check back the height


Must Be Sonia Pothole
This guy was cool as cucumber

That is what is left of the Road...!!
9:50 AM: Uppinangady 44Km

Wow...!! Amazing Shiradi Ghats
Looks Like some road

Shiradi section
More sections

OK I am Bored
9:54AM: Uppinangady 43 Km We were driving Normally.

Break, Or Break your Car
There is no wrong side, You are always on right side.

Whom should we name this after...?

Hmmm There was a road here
Built by some ancient Civilization 

Or Pranab??

Brave Guy...!!
All pics look the same isn't it?

This Looks Young, Rahul??
Or Modi??

Sibal Bombarded pothole?

Finally some hope..!!
And it was short lived.

They were trying to repair...!! Seriously?
10:21 AM : Uppinangady 38 Km

This how to Tar roads
The First Pothole filling Operation

Very modern Technology
Modern Tools

How to Drive in Shiradi Ghats and Get out Alive:
1. Don't Drive, Crawl.
2. There is NO wrong Side, The road changes sides depending on whats left of Surface.
3. Don't even think about Driving in Night.
4. Never Ever drive behind a Truck...!!
5. Let the KSRTC Red bus Overtake and Pass you.


Take the Charmadi Ghat, Narrow Twisty and Slow


Take the Agumbe Ghat, Narrow section but it's Short - but 30 kms more to Bangalore.