Nov 12, 2016

DeMonetization Thoughts.....!!

As the demonetization slowly sinks in Brain started to think in Multiple ways.

First thoughts on Demonetization. 
1. Awesome, everyone having heavy amount of hard cash should be punished.
2. Hope the black component of the property transactions reduces substantially.
3. Finally proud of having all Money which I have paid Taxes for.
4. The fake money is going to be killed.
4.So if 500 Rs and 1000 Rs were the reason for Black money then why introduce a 2000 Rs note which will cause the black money to grow again after some time.

After a few hours. 
1. The big fish that the PM claims are hoarding black money won't just have cash. They will have Gold, Property and foreign currency.
2. The government still has not incentivized the transaction which we do on cards, like petro Surcharge on CC and Debit cards.
3. Oh my god ~80% of cash is in 500s and 1000s you will have a shortage of 100s and lower denominations. Who will give me change for 2000 Rs now??

After a Day. 
1. Was this decision made in a hurry? The preparedness of the government was good when you consider the level of secrecy needed,
2. Will the banks be able to cope up with the influx of people?
3. Will the ATMs have cash?

After 2 Days. 
Let’s see who gained form this. 
1.Government: All the money which is not converted is paid back to government as dividend by RBI.
2.Banks: Their deposits increase, they can sell Investment plans to people who deposited. (The government is pumping money into banks for their survival. The bad loans are a very high in banks)
3.Corporate: Banks have money and can’t keep it idling. Already Ambani and Adani are enjoying by loaning huge amount. Vijay Mallya even Ran away.

Who is starting to get irritated. 
1. Me? I have some 5000 Rs in 500 and 1000 notes!? Have to stand in queue for changing the hard earned money on which I have paid Taxes?
2. Non working ATM’s. Have a few 100s on which I am surviving. The need for cash is inevitable. Small sellers won’t have change for the 2000 Rs note.
3. The Banks which are sending Txt messages as if they have laid a red carpet for the exchange and making my phone buzz.

Who I think will suffer. 
1.People without bank accounts.
2.People who did not understand what actually happened and when PM said 500 and 1000 will be piece of paper and though the notes lost all value.
3.Extreme Rural areas where bank is at a distance and the economy runs on Cash. How will they manage?
4. Businesses which deal in cash.

Present Thoughts:
1. For a Common Man: some short term hardship for Income Tax departments failure to catch the Black money holders.
2. For Political Party in Power: An Opportunity to Say we took very hard steps to curb Black Money. (I will wait for the numbers on April 2017 before believing you.)
3. For Stupid People holding crores of cash : Next time buy Gold or Property or Dollars (Justice served- You deserved this)
4. For Opposition Political Party Some dumb people are asking dumb questions, Stop it.

Short Term:
1. A lot of struggle for the Chillar, Getting the new cash. Getting new notes.
2. Lot of Queues for exchanging cash.

Long Term Hopefully :
1. Less Black money? (I have serious doubts with the 2000Rs note.)
2. Reduced inflation/ Property prices?
3. Stronger economy with most electronic transactions?

Nov 8, 2016

What to do with your 500 and 1000 Rs notes

What to do with your 500 and 100 Rs notes??

1. Deposit old notes of Rs 500 and 1000 in banks or post offices between November 10 and December 30, 2016. 
2. Those who are unable to, can exchange notes till March 31, 2017 at specified RBI offices after furnishing proper declaration. 
3. There will be an initial limit of Rs 10,000 per day and Rs 20,000 per week on withdrawal of money. This limit is to be increased soon. 
4. Exchange of old notes for cash upto a limit of Rs 4000 possible at any bank or post office by producing valid ID proof. 
5. Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes will be accepted at hospitals, drug stores till Nov 12. 
6. Arrangements have been made at airports so that travellers entering/leaving the country are not inconvenienced. 
7. The notes can also be used at designated fuelling stations till Nov 12. 
8. Petrol pumps and retail outlets will have to keep every single entry of cash transaction with Rs 500 and 1000 notes till November 11. 
9. ATMs will not function on Nov 09 and at some places on Nov 10 as well. 
10. No restriction on non-cash payments including transactions by cheques, demand drafts, electronic fund transfers, debit and credit cards.

From: link

BTW, I accept all 500 & 1000 Rs notes till Dec 15th 2016 ;)

Jul 16, 2016

Dandiganahalli Dam

After a long long and Long time visited a place.

Calm Place. Morning well spent. Some clicks

A Video of Clouds moving around.

That's all...!!

Jan 17, 2015

Why do they put LED on the Power Button??

So my UPS has a power button, which has a white LED indicating it's ON...!! Nice feature ain't it? Similarly my PC has a White LED on Power Button..! Looks pretty cool.

But have you ever thought about Kids + LED's on power button :)

Imagine your curious kid amazed by the glowing white light comes and tries to explore the button more, You suddenly realize that LED's on the power button creates more troubles for you :)

So that Mosquito Repellent Liquid and it's LED is a worry now, For that matter anything which comes with a LED worry's you.

So your washing machine has a child lock feature, So your kid can't change any settings. Turn on the Child lock and Yes There it is another LED turned on telling you Child lock is ON and the color is RED..! Kids are just fascinated by RED...!! Now he goes and presses a button and that red LED Blinks..!!?? Telling kid that child lock is on?? For a kid it's amazing...!! He presses the button again to see the LED blink... :D

So any such experiences with LED's?? :D